Pitcher Plants ( Nepenthes)

I grow several types of these!

These amazing plants grow mainly in south east asia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo, and Australia.

Always get ‘highland’ varieties, as lowland ones need to much heat and humidity to keep easily.



  • Very, hery high humidity! Higher than for orchids, I grow mine in a bathroom with a shower.
  • semi-climber, needs support
  • prune only if really needed.
  • can flower rarely
  • Soil: best mix is 1/2 shall orchid mix 1/4 spagnum moss, 1/4 potting soil.
  • Bright, but not direct sunlight, though a little is ok.
  • Tend to Pitcher more in the winter.
  • Don’t expect too many pitchers, unless conditions are perfect
  • High-Care plant
  • There are 2 types of pitcher on some plants, and the ones at ground level can look very different to the ones on the climbing stems.




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