Gardening Services

Garden Maintenance, Design, and Landscaping In North and West London

We provide gardening services in London including maintenance, garden rejuvenations, design/landscaping and general clean-ups.

I also do consultations, teaching days and one-off gardening sessions.

Based in Crouch End, we look after gardens big and small. Our team is knowledgeable and skilled and can accommodate your garden and plant desires, while being honest and realistic about what is achievable in your space.

No matter how big or small, a garden can provide a respite from stressful lives and be a source of joy for its owners. A garden isn’t just for summer. It should look good and perform year round.

You – the client: we work with our clients to understand how they want to be involved with the plants and landscape. We know how daunting it can be to get involved in gardening! The garden should be designed for you, taking into account how you use the garden, your gardening knowledge, and how much time you have to care for it. 

Maintenance: I have in depth knowledge of pruning, plant care, and garden materials. I am incredibly fortunate to maintain a diverse range of gardens around London. The smallest is a tiny, modern, light-well patio, and the largest is a 3 acres listed garden. I care for greenwalls and green-roofs, ferneries, massive herbaceous perennial borders, and everything in between.

Design: I enjoy tackling new challenges. I have designed country style / cottage gardens, wildlife gardens, courtyard and patio gardens, modern gardens, rooftop gardens and filled offices with plants. Many have been child friendly, some have been updates, some full re-do’s.

Me: I am known for my willing attitude, plant knowledge, and an almost obsessive trait of tidiness! We are always respectful, as quiet as possible, clean, and hardworking.

The Environment: I try to be as eco-friendly as possible, and like to provide a garden for both its human and wild occupants. I avoid chemicals wherever possible, and encourage wildlife friendly plantings. We have switched to fully electric leaf-blowers, other equipment which are more eco- and also are practically silent compared to petrol machines.

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