Airport Veg! Growing in unloved corners

the-curious-gardener_airport VegIn the most unexpected spot, as I was rushing to get my plane to Denmark (a whole other story) a beautiful planting of veg in wheelbarrows at Heathrow Airport.

What a lovely collection, and productive too!

Think it great that they are really thinking outside the box, and I saw a lot of people slowing down to take a look. Wished I’d stop to find out who did this – congrats to them.

It really goes to show what can be done in the most industrial, and means-to-an-end type places. Airports are not the most pleasant things at the best of times, and this really made a huge difference to the feeling of the entrance. Imagine what could be done with London’s ‘unloved’ corners – those paved-over front gardens, our transport systems, and brutalist buildings…

This is something that could be done at home… For some great ideas for veg in containers check out Veg Street


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  1. Great idea, be lovely if they were filling them with edibles…tasty healthy little snack before you have to face your plastic plane meal!

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