A Curious Gardener in Denmark

the-curious-gardener-viewI was fortunate enough to be flown to north-eastern Denmark to look after a garden in Alsgarde, across the water from Sweden. Denmark is rather different to the UK in temperature, and has a much colder winter then we get here due to it being further north, and exposed to the Baltic and North seas.

Denmark is a rather interesting country, being rather flat ( the highest mountain is 200 meters above sea level) and the soil is mainly glacially deposited sand, with a much more acidic (ericaceous) loam content. Its much easier to work with than our London clay, but doesn’t hold the moisture as well, and seems to need regular topping up with mulch to keep the nutrients at a good level for growing ornamentals and food.

The plants are far more Canadian in type, with lots of conifers, rhododendrons, ferns, and acers, and everywhere I looked ground elder raised its invasive head!

I was tasked with getting a garden that had not really been touched in 2 years back to its former glory, which required re-cutting flower beds, looking after soft fruit bushes and trees, and re-planting / caring for the existing plants, including roses, herds, herbaceous perennials, climbers and other more mature shrubs and trees.


The work below was completed in 26 hours of work!




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  1. Veronica says:

    Wow, it looks like it was a really interesting experience! I’m fascinated by gardening in cooler climates and the plants that they use. The house looks lovely!

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