Tete a Tete Daffodils – How to Grow

tete-a-tete-daffodil-a-curious-gardenerThese stunning bulbs are one of the best early Daffodils to grow! Easy to care for, and flowering as early as Febuary make these a welcome harbringer of spring.

Small groups of deep golden-yellow flowers peak out above the narrow, strap-shaped leaves. Its especially great as its heads are on strong stems, so you don;t get the issue of broken stems with rain and snowfall.  One of the most popular forms of early daff,, this delightful dwarf narcissus makes a fabulous early spring display for a window containers!  Blue grape hyacinths ( muscari) and slow-growing variegated ivies help to extend the season of interest. Position: full sun or partial shade. Soil: well-drained soil. Rate of growth: fast-growing. Flowering period: Late February to April. Flower colour: golden-yellow. Other features: contact with the sap may cause skin irritation. Hardiness: fully hardy . Plant: Autumn, flowers spring



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