Phalaenopsis Orchid – How to grow

orchids-Phalaenopsis Orchid-curious-gardener-kewThese really are the easiest of all orchids to grow, and are becomming almost to common for their own good!

Flowering for up to 6 months at a time, all they need is a once weekly dip in water, a bright, but not sunny window, and a coolish, but not cold room.

To water: Take the plant and pot, and either run the tap over the soil, or submerge the whole pot in a bowl of water. Make sure they drain before you put them back – they hate to sit in water, and don’t get the flowers wet – they will mark.

All orchids like high himidity, a bathroom is ideal to grow them in, or give them a mist every now and then.

Fertilize with orchid feed. These plants are ephytic, meaning they don’t grow in soil, but bark, and on trees. Repot only if you have too, and with the correct soil, which you can buy on ebay! you can put them outside in a shady spot for the summer, but snails seem to like them, and ruin the leaves.

Once the flowers have died, cut the flower point about 6 uinches from the base above a stem joint, continue to treat it well, and it should flower again in a few months. They usually lfower in the autumn / winter.

Think these make great single specimens, or as a group – see my wedding guest book display below! :)


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