Nerine, Jersey Lilly ( Amaryllidoideae)

A autumn flowering bulbous perennial (half way between a regular plant and a bulb).


Just started growing these, will have to experiment more, but this is what I know so far…

  • Native to South Africa.
  • Likes sun, will tolerate a little shade.
  • Well drained, fertile soil.
  • can take cold, but will die if not mulched in cold winters.
  • The genus name derives from one of the Nereids (sea-nymphs) of Greek myth
  • Called the Jersey Lily in the UK because a shipment of them washed up on the Jersey Isles where they naturalized.
  • Leaves are not pretty! tend to plant them with other plants to hide them.
  • Flowers in the most amazing pinks or whites in autum, just when everything else is dying away – Brilliant!
  • they like to be congested, so work well in pots
  • will naturalize if in a warm , and well drained enough location – people seem to do well with them planted inder their bay windows where the sun warms them and the drainage is good.

Garden care: Plant shallowly outside with their neck just above the surface of the soil at 10 – 15cm intervals from April onwards. They are happiest in a dense clump, so once planted avoid disturbing the roots and only lift and divide them when they have outgrown their alloted space

Grow some of your own:

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