Wild Aloe in South Africa

aloe_south-africa-honey-eater-curious-pruductionsAs well as the stunning rocks, sea and amazing wildlife, South Africa is know for its unique ecosystems including the Fynbos ( wikipedia explains it best!), where aloe plants abound.

Fynbos is the natural shrubland or heathlandvegetation occurring in a small belt of the Western Cape of South Africa, mainly in winter rainfall coastal and mountainous areas with a Mediterranean climate. The Fynbos ecoregion is within the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome. In fields related to biogeography, fynbos is known for its exceptional degree of biodiversity.[1]

Its amazing diversity includes an amazing range of proteas and succulents. The 2 species in the pictures were from the cape reigon, at the most southerly point in Africa! There were penguins on IMG_3942the beaches, and honey eaters in the aloe flowers – nature at its best.

Aloe can be kept at home, in a sunny window, as long as its not 0ver watered. it hates drafts, and dampness. Its great for burns, cuts, wounds, and general skin conditions, including dryness, and ichyness.

You can grow these in the UK!

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