Dutch Iris – How to grow

dutch_iris_a-curious-gardenerThese small bulbs are a brilliant addition to any garden, and are especially good in containers or in an alpine garden.

 They are relatively easy to grow bulbs, but I have found that they only really do well in their first year ( like Tulips), and are worth replacing every year, unless you are up for a challenge!

Flowers: March to May. Flowering period: about 2 weeks. If planted in a container the plants will not be frost resistant – put in a frost free location. They should survive if planted in the ground. Soil: well drained, but rich. Light: full sun, to light shade.

General Care: During dry periods, water well, taking care not to overwater ( have well drained soil). After the flowering period remove the faded flowers, leave the foliage to die down naturally and cut back when it has turned yellow. . The bulbs can be protected during the winter when they are dormant by covering them with straw. To protect the bulbs grown in a pot against frost, place the pot in a frost-free area or cover it with bubble wrap.


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