Angels Trumpet / Datura (Brugmansia)

datura-angels-trumpet-curious-gardenerThese come in all sizes, from 15 foot trees, to small annuals.

They are found across the world, I have noticed the small ones tend to come from cooler climates, and larger ones from hotter ones.

Their flowers are usually trumpet shaped, can be single or double, and tend to come in whites, creams, yellows, sometimes purple. Leaves can range from light to dark, and generally have holly shapped leaves, but softer, and much bigger.

The seed pods are really neat looking, and are spiky like a horse chesnut. The big black seeds can be grown on easily. They really like sun!


The one in the image is a tropical one, and needs to go into a a frost free location for the winter – bring it inside can prolong flowering. Flower smell amazing in the evening – obviously a moth fertilized plant.  Its easy to take semi-rips cuttings, and responds really well to resonably hard pruning if it gets out of shape. Unless in a warm, bright place, it will lose its leaves for the winter. If it does, don;t water it to much – only when the soil is dry 2cm done in the soil.

Grow some yourself:

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