A Solar Pond Pump for the Curious Gardener.

IMG_6620I moved. And inherited what one could call a pond. Maybe a mud bath with a green bath bomb added might be a bit more accurate.

So I got down to it, put on the waders, and mucked out the quagmire, skimmed off the pond weed and other unmentionables, and 1/2 drained it to freshen it up. Job done I thought! but no, a month later and it’s still a dank, stagnant, oxygen unbalanced puddle.

Pondering my options, I start to research options. I need to get the water moving, but want water lilies and a wildlife pond, so don’t want anything massive. I don’t want it to use a lot of electricity. I’d like a little feature, but nothing permanent (I rent), something easy to install, and that adds a bit of interest.

Options start to narrow down: Solar powered, perfect. Meter high fountain – me likes! Up lighting – ideal. I had met the Bermuda Mars Large Solar Pond Pump.

the-curious-gardener-pond-pump-light-working2It’s the biggest and most powerful solar pump on offer in its class. Its impressive fountain, that has 3 options – bell, spout, and tiers (and is height adjustable) can, at full power go up to 130 high all on solar power. It works with a battery, so can either run when the sun hits the panel, or charge up and run for 3 hours at night, including having the built-in light going the whole time.

Job Done! Perfect! Got it home, eagerly installed it in about 2 minutes flat, and had it working right away (it came charged – hooray!). The pond is now happy, well oxygenated, and clean, the fountain cheers me to no end, and it’s a great focal point in the garden. It’s still new, but 2 weeks later it’s still happily burbling away, it holds it charge well, and works like a charm. Pretty pleased with this one, would recommend to others!


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